Words That Matter in Dentistry

December 5, 2022

My background is in dentistry. I graduated as a dental hygienist almost 12 years ago. A few years back, I was attending a meeting at my dental office. We were discussing the periodontal process, and what we could do to help patients accept treatment when they are diagnosed with periodontitis. I, being a visual person, suggested a brochure to hand them (alongside some of their personalized diagnostic data). Since I was the one to make the suggestion, my boss was kind enough to give me that job.

This is the copy of that brochure–with the office name changed for their protection. I am happy to report that the periodontal pamphlet was a success. Very few patients refused the treatment once they understood that it truly was for their benefit. Knowledge is power and although people are seldom excited to pay for dental work, if they know it will solve a problem they have, they are usually very willing.

“People don’t like to be sold- but they love to buy.” -Jeffrey Gitomer

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  1. That is an AWESOME pamphlet! It is well thought out, easy to understand, and visually appealing! I, too, am a visual person, and this increased my understanding of periodontitis! Well done!

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